Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock Truly Madly In Love with Chris Siegfried

3:20 PM EDT 8/8/2013 by Mara Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock spent most of the season pining for Brooks Forester. But after Brook's sudden exit in the show, she realized that she loved another man more than Brooks: Chris Siegfried.

According to Us Weekly, Hartsock only can think of good things about her then-secret fiancé. She was asked about what she loved about Siegfried, she answered "Everything. I mean, honestly. [He's] supportive, manly, romantic. I really think he's an overall well-rounded person." She was also asked if she found any faults with her fiancé and she answered, "He's so good at everything . Really. I can't think of one bad thing to say about him."

With regard to Forester, Hartsock seemed to find a lot of faults, "He analyzes everything, so that's why his emotions were always up and down."

However, these are all in the past. In her interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hartsock admits that she is not angry with Forester who said he wasn't in love with her and left the show in Antigua.

"I feel like that day in Antigua, we were so honest with each other that that was the closure we both needed," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "So I didn't have too many questions for him [at the After the Final Rose special], and I don't have any hard feelings."

Siegfried does not feel bad that Hartsock has been talking about Forester for more than one instance during the season.  "I actually didn't watch too much of it," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "We decided pretty early on that we would only -- or I would only -- watch the parts that her and I shared together, so I kind of held true to that and just watched my portion of the show every time it aired."

Hartsock confessed in the finale that she had loved Forester but Siegfried proposed anyway. "I feel like I was so blindsided by my feelings for Brooks that I couldn't see that the one thing I always needed was right in front of me. You have been by my side from the very beginning...I thank you every day for never giving up. And you mean the absolute world to me. I love you. I love you so much," Brooks said to Siegfried during the final rose ceremony of the Bachelorette.

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