Kendra Wilkinson Family Feud: Reality Star's Mom Claims She Has Been Changed By Fame

7:59 AM EDT 6/6/2014 by Lindsay Cronin, Celebeat Reporter

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Kendra Wilkinson's mom has claimed in a new interview that she has been changed by fame.

For the several months, Wilkinson and her family have been on the outs, and recently, Patti Wilkinson spoke out against her reality star daughter, telling Radar Online that Hollywood has changed her for the worse.

"When Kendra was on The Girls Next Door I think that she was down to earth, she was fun, it was all new to her and exciting. That was Kendra, that definitely was Kendra," Patti told Radar, adding that once time passed, things took a turn for the worse. "As years go by Hollywood has crept in and I think it has changed her and not for the better."

According to Patti, she hasn't seen or spoken to Kendra since the news of her second pregnancy was announced. For the last four or five years, Patti and Kendra have had what Patti referred to as a "strained relationship," so when she found out about her daughter's pregnancy online, things got even worse.

After discovering the news of Kendra's second pregnancy in Oct. 2013, Patti took to Facebook where she wrote, "I hear from Kendra’s fans that she’s pregnant again, I’ll congratulate her tonight with a phone call.“ Upon seeing this, Kendra immediately phoned her mother, and reportedly told her she hated her and called her several names. This was the last time they spoke.

As for why they have such tension between them, Patti seems to think it is the result of Kendra surrounding herself with "yes people," including her husband, Hank Baskett. And that wasn't Patti's only issue with Hank. Although she called him a "wonderful" father, Patti believes he has contributed to her and Kendra's estrangement.

“He never really embraced us as a family. My mom, myself and my son,” Patti revealed. “He always wanted his family included which he still does. I mean his mom, his dad, his brother go to all of the functions, including the birth of the baby and we’re kind of like a second like a non-factor in their lives. So It’s kind of upsetting.”

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