Erica Mena 'Love And Hip Hop': Calls Out Hollywood Franchise For 'Trying To Pull An Erica' [VIDEO]

12:22 PM EDT 9/29/2014 by Jamie Dinar, Celebeat Reporter

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Erica Mena of Love & Hip Hop recently called out the cast of the show's Hollywood-based spinoff.

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In a new interview, the newly engaged reality star slammed Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood, saying the series' cast is trying to copy her style.

"I think everyone's trying to pull an Erica, but the thing is, you can't pull an Erica unless you're Erica," she said earlier this week to BE 100 Radio, via a Sept. 28 report by EnStars. "I feel like they're coming on too strong, and that's [why] people get the feeling like it's scripted. People aren't really being themselves."

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Mena touched upon her past beef with Teairra Mari, who appeared on Love & Hip Hop's New York-based installment, and is set to star in the new Hollywood series. She shamed Mari and other women on reality shows for their violent demeanor.

"The violence... there's better ways to hand ourselves. Especially on television, doubt these Cali girls really be thumping out there like that. And I doubt these Cali girls really be popping their mouth - the ones that are on TV right now," she said.

Mena recently made headlines after announcing her engagement to boyfriend Bow Wow. The couple had been dating for just six months, causing some fans to wonder whether or not the engagement was a publicity stunt.

"It's not for you to question, understand or figure out the timing of when this happened for me," Mena said in regard to the speculation. "I'm just living my life how I want to. And part of being a real woman is seeing from a distance that I'm doing such things and you cheer me on."

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