‘Parenthood’ NBC Series Finale Brings Tears to Fans Everywhere

8:09 AM EST 2/2/2015 by Kara Michelle, Celebeat Reporter

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Every good thing must come to an end and Parenthood is just one of them. After six seasons and 100 episodes, the widely watched series was brought into a tear-jerking close.

We are sure that a lot of fans shed so many tears in the surprising finale of the TV show last week especially with Zeek's death, as portrayed by Craig Nelson, and Hank and Sarah's much awaited wedding, played by Ray Romano and Lauren Graham respectively.

In an interview with Variety, Parenthood's executive producer, Jason Katims, promised loyal viewers that the farewell will have "some sadness, some celebration but ultimately, an uplifting ending" and he was right. He further shared on how difficult it was to film the last few episodes of the series saying, "The entire run, we shot 102 episodes and one was easier than the next - we would wind up wrapping after 8 hours of shooting, and every other show on the lot was angry and envious of us for that. And then the final episode was the opposite. It was an incredibly difficult episode to shoot with a lot of big sequences with our entire cast. Plus, we had incredibly challenging weather. It didn't rain for two years in L.A., and suddenly it rained every day. Then we were supposed to shoot in San Francisco, and we were all very excited because we hadn't been there since we shot the pilot. It was our great way of saying goodbye to the show. Then two days before we were supposed to leave, a weather report came out that said they were expecting their biggest storm in 50 years, so we had to cancel the trip. It was sort of like the show - all the curveballs that were thrown at us. That was what the show was about, all the curveballs that are thrown at you as a parent and in life in general."

So if you haven't caught up with the Parenthood series finale yet, better skip this.

Hollywood Life broke down the highlights of the finale in a perfect summary starting with Hank as he sat down with Nelson's Zeek to tell him about his Asperger's Syndrome and to ask for his blessing before he could marry Sarah. Shortly after, we get to see such a wonderful father-daughter moment where viewers get the shock of the season as Zeek tell her that she was his favorite. Sarah on her part told Zeek that he had been the best she had ever had. Erika Christensen's Julia and Sam Jaeger's Joel gets a surprise of their own as Victor's adoption agency phoned them up to say that his biological mother gave birth to another child and wants them to have it.

We are also sure that many tears were shed as Zeek walked Sarah down the aisle in a picture perfect family moment as well as on how the family spread Zeek's ashes at the baseball field. But it didn't end there as we get to see that Bravermans later on in the future.

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