'The Young and the Restless' Latest News and Spoilers: Will Neil Survive the Plane Crash?

6:33 AM EST 2/18/2015 by Aishwarya, Celebeat Reporter

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The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the on the upcoming episode will be a hazardous one as Neil is in a plane crash, and surely the fans won't have any desire to miss a solitary second of this sad scene. A bad time is hitting the Genoa City, and there will be a lot of setbacks! The plane accident will leave the fans in tears for sure.

Also, Neil Winters and his family will crash in the plane accident too. Neil, Jill, Cane, Colin and Devon seem to rise up out of the wreckage, unscathed. Then again, the pilot was slaughtered in the accident and they have no radio or cell to call for help. Spoilers say that Hilary will not do so well, and is genuinely harmed in the plane accident, hanging for dear life - she can't move or feel her legs. Neil's girl Lily is MIA, nobody can appear to discover her in the wreckage and it is obscure on the off chance that she survives.

Summer, Abby, Mariah and their companions wake up and understand they have been medicated. Summer's hubby Austin in the storage room with a head wound and Courtney affirms him dead. In a stunning turn, Fen admits to tranquilizing everybody with a medication on because he wanted them to have a great time at the V day party. Mariah understands that the course of occasions that happened corresponds with a homicide riddle book she has been reading.

In Genoa City, the Valentine's Day festivals take a sensational turn. Dylan and Joe Clark end up in a full scale hand battle, and Dylan coincidentally punches his life partner Avery. In the meantime, Avery and Jack's arrangement to make Phyllis act insane goes astray when Victor Newman steps in and solaces her.

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