Spotted: Katy Perry Flirts With Orlando Bloom At The Golden Globes After Party

9:23 PM EST 1/12/2016 by Maria Victoria Quiroz, Celebeat Reporter

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The two were seen enjoying each other's company so much that there seems to be no disappointments for not winning any particular title. "Fireworks" singer and "Lord of the Rings" star were seen chatting the night away happily, flirting and smiling at each other's conversation at the Weinstein Company's postaward party.

A peculiar spark was spotted between the ravishing Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. Since the two have been captured pretty close, rumour mills cannot be ruled out.

As reported by Huffington Post, the two spent a lot of time enjoying each other's company in the VIP lounge. It was also cited that the couple did some moves to the popular Justin Timberlake song "Rock Your Body" while they shared the vape pen, a custom following the Golden Globe Awards.

After getting pretty cozy and enjoying each other's company, the couple were seen with the others present at the party. They spoke with the other Globe nominees and the rest of the guests invited at the bash.

Perry indeed looked stunning in her nude pick sexy ensemble, and the dark hair and stunning looks could attract anyone out there, so Bloom is no exception. As cited in Hollywood Life news, the sight they both managed to present for the onlookers was indeed a hit.

Although there were plenty of cameras following them all around, the couple were pretty comfortable with their stint. So this makes the fans look out for more answers, like is this an indication they wanted to give?

Are they in a relationship? Or could this be a start of an exciting new life for the duo?

The look Katy carried was quite a hit, and the man behind her charm was Franco Gobbi, who managed to make her look gorgeous and very feminine. The dark hair she carried made her look all the more stunning, while Orlando might just have been helpless!!!

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