Niall Horan's Brother Causes One Direction Fans To Worry For 'Death Wish'

7:16 PM EST 1/17/2016 by Rhea Pruto, Celebeat Reporter

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Niall Horan's brother, Greg Horan, made One Directioners worried after he tweeted that he wished he was dead. Fans poured their support for the brother of their idol after a series of now-deleted tweets. 

Daily Mirror reported that Greg posted a series of worrying tweets that were concerning for the fans of One Direction, even though it's not him they are idolizing. Allegedly, Greg wrote that his life could not get any worse at this point because after all that he has been doing for Niall since Nov 2010, he is still being rejected. 

"I wish I was dead simple as life couldn't get any worse," reads the now-deleted tweet. 

"Iv been rejected by niall since November 2010 and all the support I gave him down through the years there is the truth goodbye[sic]," another one reads.

Even though now deleted, the tweets were retweeted thousands of times. Screen capture of the tweets makes them impossible to vanish by just clicking delete.

One Directioners mostly expressed concern for Greg. One wrote that he truly hope Greg is doing okay. Another stated that even though he is not privy to what is happening between the brothers, all he can hope for is that Greg is okay. Most wished the same. One fan even claimed that the Directioners can be considered a family for Greg. 

After the tweet has been deleted, most fans started to speculate that Greg's account was actually just hacked and that he was not the one expressing these sentiments. One fan wrote that he certainly hope that Greg was just hacked because no one deserves to be feeling those sad emotions. Some believed that something serious must be happening within the Horan household and that they are very worried. 

Greg though later on took to his account again and asked the 1D fans to stop worrying about him because he is "grand" and he loves Niall very much, as reported by Metro UK

Below are the related tweets:

I love niall so much and I'm so proud of him and the one thing that can't be broken is the fact that we are brothers.

- Greg Horan (@Greghoran87) January 17, 2016

Guys I'm grand stop worrying about me I love niall nothing wrong with us at all.

- Greg Horan (@Greghoran87) January 17, 2016

Niall Horan is yet to comment to either Daily Mirror or Metro. Both of them have claimed they already contacted him for the whole story.

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