BIGBANG Kpop 2017: Is T.O.P Finally Getting The Hang Of Things In The Military Boot Camp?

8:00 AM EST 3/9/2017 by Kathleen Nava, Celebeat Reporter

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BIGBANG is still getting better and better eventhough they have been in the industry for a decade. However, that also means that the members of the popular Kpop group are getting older as well. Meaning, all of the members are already old enough to commit to their mandatory military service and be away from the limelight for as long as two years.

With T.O.P (Choi Seung-hyun) being the oldest in the group, BIGBANG's lead rapper has enlisted himself last month to do his duty and serve his country. The 29-year-old star is known for his charm and humor, so with him being gone for over a month, fans have definitely missed his presence and wonder how is he doing now.

When the very first official photo of T.O.P in the boot camp was revealed, many noticed how tired he looked, which is a complete opposite of the fun character of the BIGBANG member. The rapper, songwriter and actor was clearly out of his comfort zone and proved that he was rattled by the whole military thing when he placed his name tag on the wrong side of his uniform. This error led to a controversy that T.O.P was given a special treatment for he was not punished for his mistake.

A representative of the boot camp quickly released a statement regarding the matter: "The 25th regime company 1 division 1 uniform are supposed to have the name tag on the right side. Trainee Choi Seung Hyun must have been confused and mistakenly wore it on the other side." Despite the controversy, it seems like T.O.P is finally getting the hang of things. A recent photo of the BIGBANG member from the boot camp was revealed and he looked more at ease. The Kpop star is seemingly back to his old self, even doing his signature "pointing at the camera" pose.

To see T.O.P healthy and doing fine is exactly what worried fans need right now. The BIGBANG member is expected to finish his military duties in 2018.

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