‘Game of Thrones’ Series: Makers Share Playing Epic Prank on Kit Harrington

6:00 AM EDT 3/17/2017 by Susmita Pathak Mishra, Celebeat Reporter

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"Game of Thrones" creators have shared a prank they played on actor Kit Harrington, who portrays handsome Jon Snow in the series. At the SXSW event, GoT screenwriter David Benioff said how the producers convinced the actor about their fake plans of melting off his face and burning off his hair in the series.

"Game of Thrones" actor is popular among fans and his hair and handsome look are his assets in the show. The epic prank was cracked by Benioff, D.B. Weiss, actors Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams on Harington. The creators shared their experience with the actor of the sets of the popular HBO fiction series.

The makers of "Game of Thrones" prepared a fake script only to convince Harington that his assets will be destroyed in the series. They told the actor they feel that the character of Jon Snow was too handsome for the series and hence they had decided to change his look. In the script, the creators of the series noted that Snow will have a fight with a White Walker. As a result, the character's upper lip and hair will be scorched.

"We wrote the script so that his upper lip would be all messed up and burnt off and we burned off all his hair," "Game of Thrones" maker David Benioff admitted as quoted by Daily Star. "There's a scene in the first season where he fights with a White Walker and it catches on fire and he burns his hand. So we wrote the script so that his upper lip would be all messed up and burnt off and we burned off all his hair."

At the SXSW event, the "Game of Thrones" team unveiled that the next series will have Ed Sheeran in a special appearance. The creators said that his character will meet a grisly death, which will the most expensive death scene to be shot in the history of the HBO fantasy series, according to Digital Spy. The seventh season of the series is all set to air on July 16 on HBO in the US as well as Sky Atlantic in the UK.

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