When Will ‘Steven Universe’ Season 4 Return With New Episodes On Cartoon Network? [SPOILERS]

5:30 AM EDT 3/27/2017 by Marie Bernadette delos Santos, Celebeat Reporter

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"Steven Universe" Season 4 has not aired a new episode since the episode entitled "Room for Ruby." While the latest season of the Cartoon Network series is down to its last five episodes, many fans are wondering how long will this hiatus last and when will the remaining episodes air on TV?

This article contains spoilers. Continue reading if you wish to learn more about the story.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 return date remains unknown, as the CN series is once again on a hiatus, but many viewers of the series believe that the show will return in April. Several viewers discussed the show's status on Reddit, with others noting on the network's views on the series.

A user shared the network's schedule for the upcoming week and showed that there will not be any reruns for "Steven Universe" Season 4. Some fans were no longer surprised to see that there was no episode for the show at all during the entire week while others commented that Cartoon Network does not seem to give importance to the show.

Some are also getting impatient to the hiatus and constant wondering about the "Steven Universe" Season 4 return date while others have already become used to the breaks. The show has been known for going weeks or worse, months without new episodes, but most animated shows do that for creative reasons.

"Steven Universe" Season 4 last aired an episode entitled "Room for Ruby," which featured an in-depth look into Lapis Lazuli's scars from her past. As Paste Magazine points out, the latest episode showed the beginning of Lapis' healing with the help of Steven as well as Peridot.

The publication also notes on the possibility that the final episodes of "Steven Universe" Season 4 will feature a big plot event. This could mean another Homeworld visit given Yellow Diamond's comments from the previous episodes.

Do you think "Steven Universe" Season 4 is taking a long hiatus this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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