Anne Rice Possibly Considering 'Arrow' Star Stephen Amell For Lestat In 'The Vampire Chronicles' TV Series [PHOTO]

8:22 AM EDT 3/29/2017 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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There is little doubt that Anne Rice fans are already looking forward to the TV adaptation of "The Vampire Chronicles" which will bring sexy bloodsucker Lestat to the small screen. However, there have been no updates on who the author is planning to cast for The Brat Prince. Luckily, it looks like Rice has found an ideal Lestat for her show. Could Stephen Amell of "Arrow" Season 5 possibly portray Lestat in the highly anticipated vampire series?

Anne Rice announced that she would be producing the show based on "The Vampire Chronicles" last year, as per The Hollywood Reporter. The news immediately led to fans wondering who should play Lestat in the TV series. Everyone has their ideas on the ideal Brat Prince, but it looks like Rice has revealed her new personal favorite. Could the writer reach out to "Arrow" Season 5 actor Stephen Amell to portray Lestat?

Anne Rice recently took to her official Facebook page to post a photo of Stephen Amell wearing a long blond wig. The image had been shared by the "Arrow" Season 5 actor on his own FB page as he urged fans to turn it into a meme. However, it looks like the picture also captured Rice's attention, claiming that Amell "looks absolutely fantastic." In addition to that, there is a huge possibility that the author is already considering the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows" star as Lestat in "The Vampire Chronicles".

"That's my Brat Prince staring at me, all right," Anne Rice wrote. However, some fans were not exactly enthusiastic about the author's post, claiming Stephen Amell is "too manly" for Lestat. Rice was quick to defend her opinion, stating that the character "has always been manly." It certainly sounds like Lestat's creator has her heart set on bringing Amell in for "The Vampire Chronicles".

There is no confirmation yet whether Anne Rice has reached out to Stephen Amell to play Lestat in "The Vampire Chronicles" TV series. Make sure to check CeleBeat for more updates.

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