'Gotham' Season 3 Spoilers: 7 – 8 Additional Episodes Coming Soon; New Villain Will Be Introduced

7:50 AM EDT 3/31/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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"Gotham" season 3 is gearing up for its comeback less than a month from now and showrunners have an interesting storyline in store for fans. The Fox crime drama series has earned an overall positive reviews when the first season premiered. Critics say that the series has high production values with a talented cast and an appealing stylized.

"Gotham" season 3 winter finale titled The Gentle Art of Making Enemies showcased Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) and Bruce Wayne's (David Mazouz) battle. The series will also bring in a new villain named Ra's al Ghul, who will be played by actor Alexander Siddig. The English-Sudanese actor also played as Prince Doran Martell in HBO's medieval fantasy epic "Game of Thrones."

The head of the League of Shadows, Ra's al Ghul will be introduced in "Gotham" season 3 when Bruce finds an answer to the mysteries that the Court of Owls hides. With this, fans wonder whether or not he is someone that Bruce can trust. Siddig told Digital Spy that this is one thing that he wants fans to focus on as no one actually knows whether Ra's al Ghul is a demon or saint.

"It certainly fascinates me, and I know I'm going to have fun for as long as I end up playing this character," Siddig added. David Mazouz also said that the Court of Owls will get its spotlight in the next "Gotham" season 3 episodes, which could mean that there will be more secrets to tell about the organization. He added that Bruce and his doppelganger will play straight into the organization's evil plans.

When asked whether Batman will show up in the next episodes of "Gotham" season 3, Mazouz said that Batman is not appearing any time soon. He added that Batman will certainly show up when necessary. However, he is not yet needed at the moment.

According to Comic Book, Executive Producer John Stephens said that fans can expect around seven to eight more episodes soon. "Gotham" season 3 episode 15 titled How the Riddler Got His Name airs April 24 at 8 PM ET on Fox.

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