‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season 5 Update: Lagina Brothers Finally Arrives To A New Plan; But Will Drake’s Death Destroy The Curse?

11:09 AM EDT 4/8/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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"The Curse of Oak Island" seemed to have been preparing for some unexpected twists and turns following after the show's producer, Craig Tester's son, Drake has died recently on March 26. Although few details were given out, Drake's unexpected death will undeniably create a huge impact the show; with others already speculating that the show may not have its next season anymore. Furthermore, amidst Tester's grief, fans have also claimed that Drake's death will pave the way for the island's curse to be fulfilled and reveal the treasure which the Lagina brothers have long been looking for.

According to Owzen, given that the Lagina brothers have long been looking for the treasure, a number of the show's fans are wondering if Drake's death and the island's alleged treasure can be linked. Despite having a 200-year old treasure in the island, nobody has yet been able to find a way to finally own it. That said, regardless of the rumors about what might the treasure be, the bigger question is: will "The Curse of Oak Island" Season 5 finally show the prophecy coming to life?

Despite not being the main cast, fans still seem to be interested if Drake's death can be the cause of the fulfillment to the mysterious curse of the island where lives must be sacrificed first before the 200-year-old treasure reappears. Meanwhile, as per Opp Trends, the Lagina brothers are already investigating the strategies of previous treasure hunters so that they can devise their own which will help them in search of the treasure.

As of the press time, it was found that "The Curse of Oak Island" hasn't been renewed yet but fans are still hoping that the series will get a renewal. Ultimately, should the show's next season be pushed through, fans will certainly be expecting a lot of twists and turns due to Drake's death.


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