‘13 Reasons Why’ Update: Selena Gomez Talks About How She’s Involved With The Show

11:08 AM EDT 4/8/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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Following after the premiere of "13 Reasons Why" last March 31, people have then been starting to make abuzz of Netflix's latest young adult series. It was found that "13 Reasons Why" is an adaptation of Jay Asher's best-selling 2007 YA novel that centers around relevant issues faced by teenagers today, including teen suicide, bullying, mental illness and sexual assault. That said, Selena Gomez, who has had her own struggles, felt that she has been drawn to the story.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, when it was first optioned by Universal Pictures in 2011, the singer actress was initially eyed to portray the role of Hannah in a movie adaptation of the best-seller. However, it was found that she has eventually decided to stick solely behind the camera on the project as the show's executive producer. In one of her statements, Selena explains that she sees so much of herself in Hannah's character and she also wanted it to be felt like anyone can see themselves in this.

Meanwhile, as per People Chica, Katherine Langford, whom Hannah's role was given, has revealed that despite not being a part of the cast, Selena and her mom were extremely involved and supportive along the way. Additionally, it was found that that although Selena has already made a name in the industry and no matter how busy she is, Langford adds that Mandy and Selena were always there for them. Furthermore, she reveals that Selena has also sent them emails to check up on them and made sure they were doing just fine.

Ultimately, since the show has premiered, "13 Reasons Why" has already smashed Twitter records reaching 3.4 million Tweets with 200,000 in just one hour alone. For those who have been wondering whether or not there would be more episodes, Selena says that they don't know what is going to go beyond it. However, it was found that there are so many stories that lie beneath each character which makes it interesting.


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