'The Flash' Season 3 Episode 19 Spoilers & Air Date; Finale Delayed?

Revealed on the promotional trailer of "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 19 is an extensive chapter for our protagonist.

9:12 AM EDT 4/18/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 19 is on the way comes April 25, but episode 18 goes on spring interruption causing to the unaired season ending. With this fact, production came into conclusion that episode 18 will air anytime soon next week.

Some say that instead of "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 19 airing on April 25, it will be replaced with episode 18 instead. Fans will have to wait for that finale until they are able to watch the beginning of the new chapter. Our hero is on its way to the future to know the real identity of Savitar. TV Line suggested that this is one way for him to know how to stop this villain. This episode is technically titled "The Once and Future Flash". This was already shown in the promotional trailer which emphasized the possibility for Killer Frost warning the Flash the event that could happen when he arrives.

According to the confirmed reports, "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 19 will be back on its original primetime. The TV series executive producer Andrew Kreisberg stated a few recurring villains will put in an appearance in the finale".  The executive producer added further, "there always has been a plan for everyone, whether the viewers enjoy it or not." MIC Network explained further that by the end of the year, there will be the more exciting revelation that will change the course of our hero and the rest of the team.

Highlighting on the "The Flash" Season 3 Episode 19 is knowing deep on the character of Savitar and the role he plays in the life of our main character. In this episode, Barry still doesn't know a way to shattered him which starts the quandary for our hero. However, it should be eminent that he's really just toying with everyone as he slowly sentries his plan to untangles.

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