'Fairy Tail' Chapter 532 Spoilers: Love Can No Longer Be; Zeref Succesful; Ravines Of Time

9:18 AM EDT 4/18/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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In his effort to solve his problem, Zeref is revealed to use the Neo Eclipse in the newest "Fairy Tail" Chapter 532. Zeref Dragneel is also prevented by Natsu in using caustic magic spells in this chapter. Erasing the friends of Natsu in the pages of history comes the use of the Ravines of Time power which will highlight in this chapter.

Zeref lost the ability to love and he intends to bring that capacity back. "Love Can No Longer Be Seen" is the banner title for "Fairy Tail" Chapter 532 where Zeref is remorseful for not able to love said on Manga Bus. The solution he can see fit is to go back in time and ensure to reset what he did and start anew. It will not be necessary for Natsu to change into E.N.D. since it does not require for him to die or that the Black dragon will still be a regular killer of dragons.

Natsu is last seen evolving with his power and a possibility that he can change into a hybrid demon-dragon in the last Manga chapter. This is in effect to the powers unbridled by Zeref which in turn is incredible in nature. The rumored transformation of Natsu to a hybrid demon-dragon is revealed in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 532. It was observable that part of Natsu's conversion is with his eyes and forehead developing scales.

On some "Fairy Tail" Chapter 532 spoiler, the mages on ship Christina will meet delinquent situations. Acnologia was lured to them in the last chapter in the Ravines of Time. It seems that Zeref has now wrapped the Neo Eclipse or the Ravines of Time formerly as he plans to use it for his own resolve.

Reported on Games and Anime, it is anticipated that "Fairy Tail" Chapter 532 will be released on April 19. Fans will soon find out the reliability of these spoilers and also encounter the latest exciting Manga revelations.

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