‘Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon’ Spoiler; Airdates & Streaming; Nintendo 3DS 'Pokemon Sun and Moon'

"Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" will have a back to back Premier for the first three episodes of this season.

9:27 AM EDT 4/20/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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"Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" is scheduled to premiere on May 12 on Disney XD television channel, bringing the Nintendo 3DS "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game to an adventure. This will be a back to back debut as the season's first two episodes will be aired on the same day, and by the following day comes the third episode.

Officially, the "Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" is considered as the twenty-first with the pilot episode kicking off with Ash and Pikachu and new found friend and other "Pokemon" exploring Alola island. Ash will run afoul of the despicable Team Skull as well as be presented to innumerable Pokemon-related customs within the region. Game Grant published that the possibility suggests that Ash will come across Team Rocket as a tradition for it to be Pokemon coming across these villains.

There will be 22 episodes all in all, and technically, "Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" already aired in Japan and has completed all set of the episode for this season by the time it airs in the United States. Traditionally, "Pokemon" runs to 40 episodes per season, and this will be the first time it is made with less than 25. Likelihood of this trend is that it will just take a short break but eventually will continue for more episodes. There will just be a short gap as the latest "Pokemon movie, I Choose You!", will be released comes July.

By the time "Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" debuts in the United States, the entire season will have completed its run in Japan. That means we already know that the season will air 22 episodes in total, said on Destructoid. Since most Pokemon seasons run well over 40 episodes, and only one season so far has been less than 25, odds are more episodes of Sun & Moon will be made later this year after a break. The latest Pokemon movie, I Choose You!, comes out in July and would fit into the gap before new episodes come out.

The "Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon" games are presently accessible on the Nintendo 3DS. "Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon" starts airing on Disney XD starting May 12 at 9:00 pm. All season can also be watched on GoMovies.

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