‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 19: Grant Gustin’s Spoiler Interview, Iris’ Fate

In an attempt to find out Savitar’s real identity, Barry (Grant Gustin) travels to 2024 in next week’s Season 3, episode 19 of “The Flash.”

8:26 AM EDT 4/21/2017 by Rolly Real, Celebeat Reporter

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In the recent interview with "The Flash "Season 3 Episode 19 stars, Grant Gustin dished on Barry Allen's travel to the past in 2004. The new episode will be titled "The Once and Future Flash, Candice Patton talked fleetingly on the death of Iris.

According to the recent trailer presented on MStar News, the episode takes off right after Abra Kadabra talked with Barry with the information he is from a distant future and he knew who Savitar is. In the new "The Flash "Season 3 Episode 19, Barry will then go to 2024 to know more about Savitar and to help the God of Speed.

In a surprising plot, Savitar killed Iris West, which was one of the things Barry found out reaching the future. Things were never the same with her friends since her death, and it seemed everyone is with Flash's group. He saw himself that he was not able to recover from Iris West death, on a spoiler given by Patton.

Gustin came in and was anxious to give the information on how Barry Shambled in one of "The Flash "Season 3 Episode 19 scene. Although, in the totality of the episode, it emphasizes how Barry have lost hope and the difference he changed from the present and the future, published on Follow News.

Meanwhile, in the present, everything is exerted by Barry to prevent the killing of Iris caused by Savitar. Gustin also shared his part of the spoiler of "The Flash "Season 3 Episode 19 that he was involved with the situation after the hero knew of Iris fate. "This is definitely his most involved trip to the future or the past", Gustin said. He further added, "he's there for a predominant part of the episode and tries to get some clues as to how this went down in the future so he can come back and stop it". "The Once and Future Flash," airs on Tuesday, April 25 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW. 

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