‘Deadpool 2' Updates: Fan Favorite Character, Set To Return! Here’s What And Who Else To Expect

Despite the simultaneous casting on the upcoming ‘Deadpool’ 2, Blind Al’s return has already been confirmed. That said, preparations for the sequel to last year’s highly-successful Marvel Comics adaptation are also said to be in the works.

12:15 PM EDT 4/21/2017 by Cyril, Celebeat Reporter

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Following the mega-hit adaptation of "Deadpool," reports have recently surfaced that Leslie Uggams will allegedly reprise her role as Blind Al in the upcoming "Deadpool" 2. That said, when asked if she would return as Wade Wilson's wisecracking roommate, Uggams was then quick to reveal that she will definitely return, together with the other film stars. Despite her confirmation, the veteran actress didn't reveal much else about the nature of her return; including how big will her role as Blind Al might play in the sequel.

According to CBR, apart from Uggams, Cable's character, played by Josh Brolin will also be seen as the leader of the X-Force, as well as Deadpool's X-Force teammate, Domino. In one of his statements, Rob Liefeld, co-creator of Cable was found to have recently given Brolin his stamp of approval with an illustration of Brolin as the time-travelling mutant. Consequently, due to the major emphasis that the production is putting on new characters in "Deadpool 2," rumors have it that the film will make an entry point for an "X-Force" film franchise of its own.

On the other hand, as per Screen Rant, it can be recalled that in the comic version, the relationship between Blind Al and Deadpool is incredibly complicated. A few years back, a pre-Deadpool Wade Wilson was supposed to kill Al but has eventually decided to let her live and years later he captured her again, turning Blind Al into his combination prisoner and housekeeper. Now, in the upcoming "Deadpool 2," given the fact that casting is still ongoing, experts say that it might be hard for the production to expand on Blind Al or work in much of her backstory.

Meanwhile, "Deadpool 2" is reportedly directed by "John Wick" director, David Leitch from a script co-written by Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The film, which is set to arrive in theaters in 2018, will also see the return of Ryan Reynolds, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Karan Soni alongside with newcomers Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin. For more of the latest updates regarding the highly anticipated movies and TV series, be sure to catch them only here at Celebeat.


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