'My Hero Academia' Chapter 135 Spoilers: Heroes Finally Move to Defeat the 8 Percepts of Death; Eri's Role in Trigger Serum Revealed

9:07 PM EDT 4/23/2017 by Cores Grace, Celebeat Reporter

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In the previous chapter of "My Hero Academia," Kirishima was showcased with his max Hardening level that only lasts 30 to 40 seconds, known as the Red Riot Unbreakable. It is Kirishima's strongest technique that helped him take down the Blade Quirk thug, who was able to power up that makes his blades even longer and deadlier. Following his heroic act, Sir Nighteye summoned Kirishima, Izuku, Tsuyu and Ochaco with the other veterans providing them more details on how to defeat the Eight Precepts of Death.

In "My Hero Academia" chapter 135, Sir Nighteye revealed about the Trigger serum that the Eight Precepts of Death has been producing as well as their contact with the League of Villains. As posted on Read Manga, the Heroes Network's main concern is the drug that destroyed Tamaki's quirk. Kirishima and Tamaki learned that this drug can both boost someone's trigger to the max level and disable it completely.

It can be recalled that in "My Hero Academia" chapter 134, Kirishima successfully restrained the Blade Quirk thug, who used the Trigger serum. The thread on Reddit revealed that it is how they found out the illegal drug was actually made of human blood cells. However, they learned that it's still a prototype as its effects only last for a short period of time.

Sir Nighteye and Centipeder informed the heroes in "My Hero Academia" that the Trigger serum is made of human blood cells, leaving them shocked especially Izuku and Mirio. The two heroes both realized that the drug was produced using the body of Erin. Fans can remember that they both encountered Overhaul and Eri in the past. The two heroes were unable to save Eri after Sir Nighteye advised them not to.

Spoilers reveal that "My Hero Academia" chapter 135 will pick up the previous critical encounter, where they can recall seeing Eri totally wrapped in bandages. The chapter also sees Sir Nighteye admitting his fault and said that they are planning to save Eri so they can stop the Eight Precepts of Death from producing more Trigger serum. Apparently, the two young heroes swear to save Overhaul's daughter in any way they can.

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