'Vikings' Season 5 Star Katheryn Winnick Reveals New Characters Joining History Series, Who Is King Angantyr?

12:11 PM EDT 4/26/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Ragnar Lothbrok might no longer be in the series but "Vikings" Season 5 will continue to have new kings. After all, Harald Finehair is already scheming to become the first King of Norway while Wessex (and Mercia) has a new monarch in Aethelwulf following the death of King Ecbert. However, it looks like another Norse ruler will debut in the fifth season. Katheryn Winnick has just revealed a possible new character who will be introduced in the History series. Who is King Angantyr and what role will he play in the show?

Fans who have been following Katheryn Winnick's Instagram account are well aware that the actress has kept everyone updated on "Vikings" Season 5. CeleBeat has previously reported on the star of "The Dark Tower" offering a glimpse at Lagertha's new look for the upcoming season. Winnick's most recent post reveals a bit more about what to expect in the show, teasing that new characters will be introduced later this year. In addition to that, the latest additions will be portrayed by Winnick's own brothers.

Katheryn Winnick has just posted a new photo on Instagram with her brothers, who are reportedly set to appear in "Vikings" Season 5. Winnick's caption confirmed that her two siblings will have a scene with Lagertha in the History series. She also added the hashtag #KingAngantyr in her post. This immediately had fans wondering if one of Winnick's brothers might appear as a ruler inspired by the Norse legends.

There are no other details about King Angantyr but the character might be based on Angantyr Heidreksson who is believed to be the first Swedish ruler of the House of Munsö. Katheryn Winnick will be back as Lagertha in "Vikings" Season 5, which is expected to premiere on History by last summer.

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