Tom Hardy James Bond: 'Taboo' Actor Set As Daniel Craig Replacement, New 007 To Reunite With 'Dark Knight Rises' Director Chris Nolan?

7:30 AM EDT 5/11/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Tom Hardy might be one step closer to becoming the new James Bond. The "Peaky Blinders" Season 4 star recently won over new supporters when he single-handedly took down a thief in London. Hardy's chances continue to improve as there are new reports that "Inception" director Chris Nolan will helm "James Bond 25". Could the "Taboo" actor reunite with his longtime collaborator and finally replace Daniel Craig as the new 007?

CeleBeat has previously reported on Tom Hardy's James Bond odds getting slashed after his reported capture of a moped thief in London. The "Mad Max: Fury Road" actor had taken down the suspect after a Hollywood-style chase across several gardens in Richmond. Not surprisingly, Hardy gained more supporters following his heroic attempt. However, it looks like there is another reason why the "Dark Knight Rises" star could be Daniel Craig's new replacement. Will Chris Nolan cast Hardy as the new 007 if the director ends up helming "James Bond 25"?

According to IndieWire, IMDb has listed the next James Bond film under the production company Syncopy, which happens to be owned by Chris Nolan. The news immediately had fans excited over the possibility that the "Dunkirk" director will work on the film and that Nolan might decide to bring in Tom Hardy to be the next 007.

Unfortunately, it might be too early for Tom Hardy fans to celebrate. Although IMDb had insisted that there was no error about "James Bond 25" being produced by Chris Nolan's Syncopy, the site later changed the listing of the highly anticipated film. There is still a possibility that Daniel Craig will reprise his role at least one more time in the future. In the meantime, people are keeping their fingers crossed in hopes that Nolan and Hardy will work together on a 007 movie. Make sure to check CeleBeat for all the latest updates on the next James Bond.

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