'Blindspot' Season 2 Episode 22 Predictions & Spoilers: Shepherd Uses Roman Against Jane Doe; Kurt Weller In Season Finale 'Lepers Repel'

9:29 AM EDT 5/12/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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The tables have turned for Jane Doe right before the season finale of "Blindspot" Season 2. Roman has finally regained his memories and has decided that his sister is the bad guy in "Mom". Is it possible that Shepherd will use her prodigal son to take on Jane and Kurt Weller in "Lepers Repel"? Could Roman actually do the right thing and break Sandstorm from the inside in "Blindspot" Season 2 Episode 22?

In "Mom", Kurt Weller realized that he is part of COGs that was mentioned in the Truman Protocol. In addition to that, Roman was taken down for attacking Jane Doe so FBI director Pellington decided it would be a good idea to speed up his memory recovery, as per Entertainment Weekly. Unfortunately, this made it easier for Shepherd to convince her son to go back to Sandstorm. Does this mean that Roman will end up becoming his mother's most dangerous weapon in "Blindspot" Season 2 Episode 22? Things are set to get crazy for everyone in "Lepers Repel" as Shepherd finally deploys Phase 2 in the season finale.

The synopsis for "Blindspot" Season 2 Episode 22 listed on The Futon Critic confirms that the team will be dealing with Shepherd. However, it is also teased that Kurt Weller will be "at the center of a surprising event". Meanwhile, Jane Doe will be dealing with "an uncertain future". Could this possibly mean that Jane will end up fighting against her own brother in "Lepers Repel"? Or is it possible that Roman will actually find a way to break Sandstorm from the inside in the upcoming season finale?

There are speculations that Roman may have decided to go with Shepherd so he can help Jane Doe, Kurt Weller and the team in "Lepers Repel". After all, there is still hope that Jane's brother has finally realized that Sandstorm is the bad guys and will do anything in his power to aid the FBI in the season finale. "Blindspot" Season 2 Episode 22 will air on NBC on May 17.

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