Lee Min Ho Gets Special Treatment In Mandatory Military Enlistment? Suzy Bae's BF Allegedly Gets Off Early From Service

6:34 AM EDT 5/15/2017 by Colt, Celebeat Reporter

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Lee Min Ho just officially started his mandatory military enlistment and he is already facing some controversies. The "Legend of the Blue Sea" actor will be spending his two-year service as a public service worker and he started his duty at the Gangnam-gu Office in Seoul on Friday.

According to Nation Multimedia, there were whispers and speculations that Lee Min Ho was allowed to get off work earlier than he was supposed to. This alleged special treatment was quickly denied by the 29-year-old actor and singer's management, stating that there is definitely no truth to all these rumors and he is treated just like everyone else.

“That’s impossible,” an MYM Entertainment official said. “(Lee Min Ho) is to follow the instructions of an official from the Military Manpower Administration and be informed of his work site. It’s impossible that he can get away early on the first day.”

Lee Min Ho injured his thigh and ankle in a 2006 car accident which is why he was assigned to public service work instead. The actor went through physical examinations and the result revealed that he is not capable of doing field military service.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho may already be out of the spotlight but he left a little something for his fans. Suzy Bae's boyfriend took one more photoshoot for Innisfree, which the brand recently revealed that captivating photos to the public.

Besides from being an actor and a singer, Lee Min Ho is also a successful model and make-up endorser. The star traveled to Jeju Island, South Korea for his last known photo shoot with the popular South Korean cosmetics brand.

“Lee Min Ho wanted to travel the clear and clean Jeju Island, and put the enjoyment and charm that he felt in Jeju in the pictorial," a source revealed, as per Soompi. "We expect that you will be able to see both the beautiful sights of Jeju as well as Lee Min Ho’s great visuals.”

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