'Vikings' Season 5 Could Introduce Lagertha Powerful Saxon Ally Against Ivar The Boneless, Queen Of Kattegat Survives Until Season 6?

11:11 AM EDT 5/27/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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There is little doubt that Lagertha is the heart of "Vikings", the one woman who has proven she will not take any shit from anyone, even her beloved Ragnar Lothbrok. But fans already know that the new Queen of Kattegat is in trouble now that the Seer has revealed that she will be killed by one of Ragnar's son. Is it possible that Lagertha has found a powerful Saxon ally who will defend her from Ivar the Boneless, who has vowed to avenge his mother Aslaug's death in "Vikings" Season 5?

The fourth season of "Vikings" proved to be a difficult one for Lagertha as she was almost killed in the disastrous attack in Paris. Nevertheless, she was revealed to have survived and had every intention to dethrone Aslaug as Queen of Kattegat. Unfortunately, this meant killing Aslaug and incurring the ire of her son Ivar the Boneless. There is little doubt that Ragnar Lothbrok's son will try to murder Lagertha in "Vikings" Season 5 but will she manage to find an ally who can help in the fight against Ivar? There are speculations that a powerful Saxon leader will rise to the occasion.

CeleBeat has previously reported on Katheryn Winnick sharing an awesome Instagram photo showing the actress with her "Vikings" Season 5 co-stars. Interestingly, Winnick's picture features Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, who will play young Alfred, the bastard son of Athelstan. There have been speculations that Alfred will eventually become King Alfred the Great, who famously took on Ivar the Boneless in the 15th century. Is it possible that Alfred will face Ivar to defend Lagertha so she can survive until Season 6?

It is still unclear whether Lagertha will forge an alliance with Alfred to help her face Ivar the Boneless. The truth will be revealed when "Vikings" Season 5 finally premieres on History later this year.

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