'Black Mirror' Season 4 Confirmed For 6 Episodes, Finale 'Black Museum' Reportedly Based On Penn Gillette Story

11:27 AM EDT 5/29/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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Fans are still waiting for the fourth season of "Black Mirror", which has been surrounded by several theories. Some believe that the Charlie Brooker series will feature more episodes when it returns to Netflix while others think that there will be a sequel to last season's "San Junipero". However, it looks like "Black Mirror" Season 4 has been confirmed for six new episodes with the finale remaining a mystery. Is the sixth episode "Black Museum" based on a tale by the infamous magician Penn Gillette?

The idea of a longer season is certainly a welcome one for "Black Mirror" fans. After all, the first two seasons only consist of three episodes each. The move to Netflix has ensured that Charlie Brooker would churn out more tales in the future. Now it looks like the six new episodes for "Black Mirror" Season 4 have been revealed along with the directors in charge. However, the director for the season finale entitled "Black Museum" is not listed.

A Reddit post has revealed the titles for all six episodes of "Black Mirror" Season 4. The first episode is titled "ArkAngel" and will be directed by Jodie Foster. Toby Haynes will work on "USS Calister" while John Hilcoat will helm "Crocodile". Tim van Patten has been confirmed for "Hang The Dj" and "Metalhead" will have David Slade. But who will direct the season finale ominously titled "Black Museum"? This particular episode remains a mystery, but there are speculations that it will be based on the story Penn Gillette pitched to Charlie Brooker.

Penn Gillette has been pitching his story for a long time but nobody wanted to work on it. Luckily, the magician took his tale about a "pain addict" to Charlie Brooker, who immediately loved the idea. It is possible that the story will be turned into "Black Museum", which will round out "Black Mirror" Season 4, as per The Independent. The series is expected to return to Netflix in October.

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