'Supernatural' Season 13 Might Pit Lucifer Son Jack Against Jesse Turner In Epic Nephilim Vs. Cambion Battle [SPOILERS]

8:04 AM EDT 6/24/2017 by Anya Bell, Celebeat Reporter

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"Supernatural" certainly took an interesting turn in the previous season when Lucifer's son made his debut in the finale. There is little doubt that Jack will prove to be one of the most powerful beings in the world because he is a Nephilim sired by an archangel but who could be strong enough to face him in case he turns evil? There are speculations that "Supernatural" Season 13 might finally bring back Jesse Turner for an epic battle between a Nephilim and the Cambion from the fifth season.

In "All Along The Watchtower", Kelly finally gave birth to Lucifer's child but ended up dying in the process. The shocking revelation of the finale saw Sam Winchester discover that Jack has grown into an adult soon after his birth. Fans immediately wondered if the Nephilim will turn out to be evil and if the Winchesters will manage to find someone powerful enough to face him in "Supernatural" Season 13, as per ScreenRant. Is it finally time to look for Jesse Turner after the Cambion's lengthy absence in the CW series?

Jesse Turner has only appeared in one "Supernatural" episode but the character has already been the subject of several fan theories on Reddit. In "I Believe The Children Are Our Future", the young boy was revealed to be the offspring of a human and a demon and is expected to become the Antichrist. Jesse displayed great power that Castiel believed would be used by Lucifer in the war against Heaven. But with Lucifer gone, is it possible that the Cambion will be the only one capable of stopping Jack in case he goes evil in "Supernatural" Season 13?

There is no confirmation just yet whether Jack will truly go bad or if Jesse Turner is set for a major comeback. However, there is a possibility that the series could use a huge battle between a Nephilim and a Cambion when "Supernatural" Season 13 premieres on The CW this fall.

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