Beck Blames Spinal Injury, Said It Prevented Him From Working

Beck said that a “severe” spinal injury was preventing him from working and forcing him to scale back his music output in the past years Rolling Stone reported.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Hints Jake Gyllenhaal Spoke to Her About 'Red' Songs Based on Him

10:45 AM EST 11/18/2013

Taylor Swift has hinted that she and Jake Gyllenhaal have spoken about the songs he inspired on her album, Red, Us Weekly reported Monday.Read more

Lady Gaga Gains 25 Pounds

Lady Gaga Says She Won't Join the 27 Club : 'I Will Last Longer'

10:41 PM EST 11/15/2013

Lady Gaga has announced that she will not die a premature death like fellow musician, Amy Winehouse, E! News reported Friday.Read more

Miley Cyrus

Sinead O'Connor Explains Why She Wrote Miley Cyrus All Those Letters

12:13 PM EST 11/15/2013

Sinead O'Connor has explained why she heavily criticized Miley Cyrus in a series of open letter, Celebuzz reported Friday.Read more

Justin Bieber is being sued for $9.23.

Justin Bieber 'So Sorry' For Kicking Argentinian Flags [VIDEO]

9:23 AM EST 11/14/2013

Justin Bieber has apologized for the controversy he caused by mistreating the Argentinean flag, MTV reported Thursday.Read more

Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers Called It Quits

4:03 PM EDT 10/29/2013

The Jonas Brothers have disbanded, People reported.Read more

Katy Perry

Katy Perry: Pop Stars Need to Keep Their Clothes On

9:48 AM EDT 10/29/2013

Katy Perry has blasted her fellow pop stars for relying too much on nudity, PEOPLE reported Tuesday.Read more

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Reveals 'Britney Jean' Album Art, Pens Letter to Fans [PHOTO]

9:58 AM EDT 10/28/2013

Britney Spears released the cover art for her album Britney Jean and an open letter to her fans. Read more

Britney Spears

Britney Spears: 'Britney Jean' Album Called 'Outstanding' by RCA Records

1:00 PM EDT 10/24/2013

RCA has declared that the eighth studio album from pop superstar Britney Spears will more than live up to expectations, Billboard reported Tuesday.Read more

Mariah Carey will join 'American Idol' in 2013

Mariah Carey Says Pain from Dislocated Shoulder Is Similar to Birthing Twins [VIDEO]

12:28 PM EDT 10/24/2013

Mariah Carey Says Pain from Dislocated Shoulder Is Similar to Birthing TwinsRead more


'CrazySexyCool,' biopic about R&B group TLC, hits VH1 ratings record

1:26 PM EDT 10/23/2013

'CrazySexyCool,' biopic about R&B group TLC, hits VH1 ratings record Read more

Britney Spears

Britney Spears: 'Work B-tch' Singer Discusses Vocal Training & ‘Crazy Mom’ Life at Home

1:07 PM EDT 10/22/2013

Britney Spears has shared that it has been a hectic time in her life as she balances motherhood and her career, Billboard reported Tuesday.Read more

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Releases 'Do What U Want' Feat. R. Kelly and Blasts Critics

1:35 PM EDT 10/21/2013

Lady Gaga released the single Do What U Want feat. R. Kelly and blasted her critics, MTV reported Monday.Read more

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Releases New Song 'Sweeter Than Fiction': Listen

12:40 PM EDT 10/21/2013

Taylor Swift has released the single, Sweeter Than Fiction, Billboard reported Monday.Read more

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Goes Extremely Wild in New Pretty Reckless Music Video [VIDEO]

11:17 AM EDT 10/21/2013

The video for the latest single of The Pretty Reckless has only been out for a few days but it has already caused controversy as Taylor Momsen goes extremely wild in the music video, Us Weekly reported.Read more

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