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Travis Fimmel

'Vikings' Season 5 Might Feature Travis Fimmel, George Blagden; Ragnar Lothbrok, Athelstan To Appear In Dream Sequence?

10:56 AM EDT 6/12/2017

Will Travis Fimmel and George Blagden reprise their roles as Ragnar Lothbrok and Athelstan in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel 2017: 'Vikings' Season 5's Ragnar Lothbrok Originally Wanted To Be Floki Or Ivar The Boneless [VIDEO]

10:04 AM EDT 6/1/2017

Travis Fimmel might be Ragnar Lothbrok, but he initially wanted Gustaf Skarsgaard's role as Floki in "Vikings" Season 5!Read more

Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel and Gustaf Skarsgard of

'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions SPOILERS: Travis Fimmel Still Set To Return, Ragnar Lothbrok Appears In Floki's Vision?

9:05 PM EDT 4/23/2017

Could Travis Fimmel return as Ragnar Lothbrok to guide Floki back to Kattegat in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel 2017: 'Vikings' Star Reportedly Reunited With Katheryn Winnick In Season 5 Set, Ragnar Lothrok Possibly Returns [PHOTO]

8:08 AM EDT 3/30/2017

Has Travis Fimmel reunited with Katheryn Winnick on the set of "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

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