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Ivar The Boneless

'Vikings' Season 5 Set For Another Major Time Leap; Ivar The Boneless Emulates Ragnar Lothbrok With Elaborate Plan To Conquer England?

9:29 PM EDT 6/25/2017

Will Ivar the Boneless follow in the steps of Ragnar Lothbrok and plan an elaborate scheme to conquer England in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Katheryn Winnick of

Katheryn Winnick 2017: 'The Dark Tower' Star Teases Possible 'Vikings' Season 5 Air Date Announcement [PHOTO]

8:00 AM EDT 6/21/2017

Has Katheryn Winnick teased on the "Vikings" Season 5 air date being announced this month?Read more

Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen of

'Vikings' Season 5 Might Feature Death Of Another Ragnar Lothhbrok Son; Which Characters Will Die Next? [SPOILERS]

8:42 AM EDT 6/19/2017

Which son of Ragnar Lothbrok will be the next to die in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel

'Vikings' Season 5 Might Feature Travis Fimmel, George Blagden; Ragnar Lothbrok, Athelstan To Appear In Dream Sequence?

10:56 AM EDT 6/12/2017

Will Travis Fimmel and George Blagden reprise their roles as Ragnar Lothbrok and Athelstan in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel Not Returning In 'Vikings' Season 5; Ragnar Lothbrok Reveals The Truth About Brutal Snakepit Death [VIDEO]

9:45 AM EDT 6/7/2017

Travis Fimmel has just confirmed that Ragnar Lothbrok will not be back in "Vikings" Season 5!Read more

Katheryn Winnick of

'Vikings' Season 5 Star Katheryn Winnick Confirms King Angantyr Debut, Teases Lagertha Rise To Power After Ragnar Lothbrok Death

10:43 AM EDT 6/6/2017

Katheryn Winnick has confirmed that her brother will portray a powerful new king in "Vikings" Season 5!Read more

'Vikings' Season 5 Air Date Set For October? Lagertha Not Only Character In Danger From Ivar The Boneless [SPOILERS]

10:31 AM EDT 6/5/2017

Lagertha is not the only one who could get killed by Ivar The Boneless in "Vikings" Season 5!Read more

'Vikings' Season 5 Creator Michael Hirst Teases Possible Ragnar Lothbrok Return? Lagertha Could Reunite With Beloved Husband

12:41 PM EDT 6/2/2017

Did Michael Hirst just confirm that Travis Fimmel will return as Ragnar Lothbrok in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel

Travis Fimmel 2017: 'Vikings' Season 5's Ragnar Lothbrok Originally Wanted To Be Floki Or Ivar The Boneless [VIDEO]

10:04 AM EDT 6/1/2017

Travis Fimmel might be Ragnar Lothbrok, but he initially wanted Gustaf Skarsgaard's role as Floki in "Vikings" Season 5!Read more

'Vikings' Season 5 to Premiere in the Fall? Sigurd Could Still Be Alive!

10:02 AM EDT 6/1/2017

"Vikings" season 5 plot is being kept under wraps but many fans speculate that Sigurd is still alive.Read more

Alexander Ludwig, Katheryn Winnick, Travis Fimmel and Gustaf Skarsgard of

'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions SPOILERS: Lagertha Marries Harald Finehair To Become Queen Of Norway, Bjorn Ironside Prophecy Fulfilled?

11:00 AM EDT 5/30/2017

Will Bjorn Ironside marry a princess as Lagertha becomes the Queen of Norway in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam Admits Signing Travis Fimmel Autographs, Dishes About 'Vikings' Season 5 Alum's Crazy Drinking Habits [VIDEO]

5:08 AM EDT 5/30/2017

Charlie Hunnam has some fun gossip about Travis Fimmel and his crazy drinking habits!Read more

Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick and Clive Standen of

'Vikings' Season 5 Could Introduce Lagertha Powerful Saxon Ally Against Ivar The Boneless, Queen Of Kattegat Survives Until Season 6?

11:11 AM EDT 5/27/2017

Will an English king help Lagertha survive Ivar the Boneless' assassination attempt in "Vikings" Season 5?Read more

Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick

Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick Set For Major Reunion? Fans Want 'Vikings' Stars For DCEU Green Arrow, Black Canary [PHOTO]

6:26 AM EDT 5/24/2017

Will Travis Fimmel and Katheryn Winnick get cast as Green Arrow and Black Canary in a future DCEU flick?Read more

Travis Fimmel

Can 'Vikings' Season 5 Survive Without Ragnar Lothbrok? Viewers Not Interested In Watching History Series Without Travis Fimmel

7:22 AM EDT 5/22/2017

Will Travis Fimmel's absence have a negative effect on "Vikings' Season 5''s ratings?Read more

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