Top Five Reasons Why We Love Alan Rickman

The 69-year-old actor who died from cancer is a tough act to follow.

'Deadpool' Movie Plot And Release Date Update

11:16 PM EST 1/20/2016

Best "antihero" movie set to be shown one month from now.Read more

[WATCH] Channing Tatum 'Run The World' In A 'Lip Sync Battle' Performance As Beyonce, Real Queen B, Appears On The Show

1:41 AM EST 1/11/2016

The hotshot actor definitely ran the world when he transformed as the pop superstar in a 'Lip Sync Battle' performance against wife Jenna Dewan Tatum.Read more

Jenna Dewan Does 'Pony' Dance at Husband Channing Tatum's Lap on 'Lip Sync Battle' [WATCH]

7:21 PM EST 1/10/2016

The 35-year-old dancer gives a hot performance on the 'Lip Sync Battle' to defeat “Magic Mike” star.Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Confirmed Being Drunk Before Filming Sex Scene with Chris Pratt [Video]

8:11 PM EST 12/17/2015

Jennifer Lawrence talked about her "drunk" sex scene with Chris Pratt and her big crush on Seth Meyers.Read more

WATCH: 'The Force Awakens' Cast, Roots, Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Star Wars' Theme Songs in A Capella

7:50 PM EST 12/17/2015

While movie tickets are always sold out, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" cast, along with the Roots and Jimmy Fallon, did a medley of their theme songs in a capella.Read more

One Direction Does Carpool Karaoke with James Corden Over 1D Songs [Video]

2:06 AM EST 12/17/2015

One Direction joins James Corden in a Carpool Karaoke to sing and dance along to the tunes of their hit songs.Read more

Official Trailer For JK Rowling’s 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' Featuring Eddie Redmayne, Now Out: Warner Bros. UK

1:07 AM EST 12/17/2015

The first trailer of the prequel to the Harry Potter series, 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' is officially released by Warner Bros. UK on December 15.Read more

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, J.J Abrams Reveals New Character Names

2:05 AM EDT 8/20/2015

The writer revealed how they have come up with names!Read more

Leaked Photos Hint New Look For Spider Man

2:03 AM EDT 8/20/2015

The popular superhero will be wearing a black and red suit.Read more

Antoine Fuqua Teams Up With Jerry Bruckheimer For 'Training Day' Remake

1:58 AM EDT 8/20/2015

The idea was pitched to four major networks: NBC,ABC,CBS and Fox.Read more

Latest Spectre Video Introduces The New James Bond Femme Fatales

1:55 AM EDT 8/20/2015

Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci are Bond's new femme fatales.Read more

'Diary of Teenage Girl' Comes To Silver Screen From A Different Perspective

1:51 AM EDT 8/20/2015

Marie Heller will direct the film adaptation while Bell Powley will portray as Minnie.Read more

sperm whale

Close Encounter with a Sperm Whale to the Delight of Oceanographers

3:16 AM EDT 4/20/2015

An encounter which very rarely happens with a sperm whale that has tremendously delighted an oceanographer and his team while on a mission to study the ocean floor's hydrothermal vents as per the report of Microcap Observer news.Read more

Ant-Man movie (Marvel)

"Ant-Man" Trailer Out: A Hero or a Crook; Watch Trailer (Video)

7:40 PM EDT 4/14/2015

Marvel Studios is about to release the full trailer of "Ant-Man" which is another big offering for superheroes this year as per the report of The Outhousers news.Read more

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