Jesse Eisenberg Puts Lionsgate Through ‘Camp Hell’ In Round One Of Lawsuit

9:50 AM EDT 6/20/2012 by Amanda Remling, Celebeat Reporter

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Jesse Eisenberg has been on a role in Hollywood, starring in successful films like "Zombieland," "The Social Network," and the hilarious "30 Minutes or Less." But Eisenberg isn't pleased with one film in which he's attached to. Back in November, the actor sued Lionsgate for $3 million in damages for false promotion of his cameo in the film "Camp Hell." It seems like Eisenberg is actually putting them through hell because he just won the preliminary court case. reports that Lionsgate responded to the lawsuit with an anti-SLAPP motion, claiming that it is an infringement on free speech.  The judge denied Lionsgate's motion though, ruling that the case "constitutes commercial speech."

Judge Linda Lefkowitz issues the following ruling: "The content of the materials was commercial, by virtue of proposing a commercial transaction, despite perhaps falsely leading the consumer to believe that [Eisenberg] is the star of the film. The court thus finds that the speech at issue in this case constitutes commercial speech, which is not subject to protection under [the anti-SLAPP law]."

The Hollywood Reporter describes "Camp Hell" as a low-budget thriller about "demonic possession at a Christian Camp." The actor had reportedly filmed on set for one day, for the measly price of $3,000 as a favor to friends.

His brief cameo isn't the issue at hand. The problem is that Lionsgate didn't promote his role in the film correctly.

"Camp Hell" had been filmed in 2007, well before the actor had been nominated for an Oscar in 2010 for his starring role in the "Social Network." Eisenberg is claiming that Lionsgate capitalized on his recent rise in fame, slapping his name in large letters above the title and having his face appear on the cover of DVDs and posters.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jesse is claiming "false advertising and a violation of his right of publicity, saying the defendants' use of his name and photograph exploited him for financial gain."

If you think the actor is just getting greedy since his Oscar nomination think again. I'm one of the victims from "Camp Hell." Popping by a Redbox one night with my roommate we stumbled across Jesse Eisenberg's face on the cover of a movie called "Camp Hell." Since he is my celebrity crush I pretty much threw my credit card at the machine, demanding them to hurry up and spit out my DVD so I can run home and eat Ben & Jerry's while gazing into his eyes.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that if his face was on the screen for 10 minutes it was a lot. Instead I got lectured on premarital sex for over an hour.

Needless to say I am on Team Eisenberg for this one (hands down worst dollar and change I ever spent).

To see a photo of the original poster of "Camp Hell" with Jesse Eisenberg click here.

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