Why You Should Be Rocking Ginnifer Goodwin’s Pixie Cut [PHOTOS]

10:41 AM EDT 6/20/2012 by Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Ginnifer Goodwin's preach about short hair couldn't come at a better time. With the weather supposed to be hitting the high 90's the next few days you just might be reaching for the scissors after reading this article.

The "Once Upon A Time" actress is known for her cute pixie cut and recently opened up to People Magazine about her fashionable hair. While it may seem like a drastic cut, Goodwin says have no fear!

"People say it's a difficult hairstyle to pull off, but I don't see how it is tricky," she explained to People at the Young Hollywood Awards in L.A. last Thursday.

The actress, who normally has "very curly hair," takes about two minutes every day to straighten her hair. Even though she calls her hair a "crazy 'fro," the actress doesn't believe that most women will face a challenge with the hair style.

Managing the cropped do is only one part of the fear of a pixie cut. The other fear is accessorizing your hairstyle with fashion. Goodwin insists that her pixie cut has allowed her to be more fashionable though.

"I can wear far more with short hair than I could when I had [long] hair. Everything goes with short hair. It's bananas," she revealed to People.

It seems like it's pretty safe to assume that men dig the pixie cut. Ginnifer Goodwin is currently dating her on-screen and off-screen Prince Charming, "Once Upon A Time's" Josh Dallas.

What do you think of the pixie cut? Would you try to pull it off?


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