"Hunger Games" Love Triangle Hook-Up Rumor: Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth AND Jennifer Lawrence?

5:36 PM EDT 6/29/2012 by Amanda Remling, Celebeat Reporter

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A pesky little rumor is circulating around the web that doesn't just involve engaged couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. A couple gossip sites are suggesting that things heated up on the set of the "Hunger Games" between some of the stars. DListed.com is reporting that Jennifer Lawrence had a fling on set, but not with a costar -- with a co-star's girlfriend!

Can you guess who that rumored girlfriend is? DListed is reporting that it's none other than Liam Hemsworth's fiancee, Miley Cyrus!

DListed, a celebrity gossip site reported on the rumor that was originally listed as a blind item on BlindGossip.com.

Blind Gossip had this to say about the supposed "Hunger Games" hook up:

"These two young stars costarred in one of the biggest movies of the year and everyone speculated that they had an affair. But that's only half right. The female lead DID have an on set fling -- but not with her costar -- with her co-star's GIRLFRIEND when she came to visit! Ironically, the girlfriend is a major star but she wouldn't let her hunky boyfriend join in the fun. Both women are bisexual and he's straight."

The "two young stars" that costarred in "one of the biggest movies of the year" is reported to be Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. While UK magazine Now, reported in April that Cyrus and Lawrence wre in an "all-out-war," this blind-item suggests other things about the young stars.

As mentioned, this report from Blind Gossip is strictly a rumor. Only those three involved know if this "blind item" is true or not!

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