The Cast Of 'Twilight 'Discussed Remaking The Series At Comic Con

7:17 PM EDT 7/13/2012 by Molly Horan, Celebeat Reporter

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"Twilight" fans across the globe are preparing themselves for the end of the beloved franchise. The final Twilight film "The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn-Part II" will be released this November. But is it possible that might not be the end?

The cast of "Twilight" held a panel at Comic Con this Thursday talking about the final film, but before a discussion of the last installment began they addressed a rumor that a reboot of the entire franchise is on the table.

Unfortunately, it sounds like they won't be re-casting Bella and the Cullens any time soon. While Robert Pattinson, the film's shimmery cold-blooded leading man seemed excited by the prospect of seeing another actor adopt the smoldering stare of Edward Cullen author Stephenie Meyer cautioned, "It would be really interesting, in 20 years."

So "Twilight" fans can count down the days until the film's release, and when the final credits role know that their favorite vampires and werewolves might not be gone forever.

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