Watch 'The Avengers' In Theaters This Weekend, Post-Credit Scene Added?

2:59 PM EDT 8/30/2012 by Ian Kar, Celebeat Reporter

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For the very few who missed 'The Avengers' in theaters when it was released in May, you will have another opportunity to watch the blockbuster superhero movie in theaters this Labor Day weekend. 

It's been almost four months since 'The Avengers' was released in the US, becoming the third biggest box office success ever, and  one of the most successful superhero blockbusters ever made. Now, this coming Labor Day, you'll have an opportunity to watch it again. 

Marvel announced on their official Facebook page that 'The Avengers' will be re-released in theaters this weekend, for an entire week. This is surely to entice viewers to purchase to the home video version that is being released on September 25th, which will feature almost 30 more minutes of deleted scenes. Also, Marvel hopes to take advantage of the long-weekend, and see a small boost in revenue via ticket prices. 

However, there was a curious message attached to the post on Marvel's Facebook page, saying:

"Marvel's The Avengers is back in theaters for Labor Day Weekend!

Don't forget to stay through the credits..."

Marvel movies are well-known to feature teasers for future films, such as Iron Man's (played by Robert Downey Jr.) cameo in The Incredible Hulk, and 'The Avengers Initiative,' featured in the post-credit scene in Iron Man. But, 'The Avengers' already has two scenes in the credits, writes Screenrant, "The Avengers mid-credits scene (You can watch the full Thanos scene here), and we know what infamously happens after the credits finish rolling (see: Shawarma)." Since most moviegoers know to stay till the complete end of a Marvel movie, does this mean that Marvel is attaching another scene in the credits?

Its hard to say, but there is enough footage for an Iron Man 3 teaser, according to reports. Iron Man 3, which opens next summer, has already begun filming, and footage of the film was screened at Comic-Con this year. By adding an Iron Man 3 teaser trailer, Marvel can ensure that fanboys who sat through the entire movie, beginning to end, will return to theaters for a second time.

Watch 'The Avengers' in theaters this weekend for one week only. 

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