Emma Watson On ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower': ‘It Felt Pretty Exotic To Me’

1:43 PM EDT 9/10/2012 by Stapha Charleme, Celebeat Reporter

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Emma Watson arrived at the Toronto film festival to promote her forthcoming film "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," in which she plays an American teen who's part of a clique of hip outsiders at a Pittsburgh school.

The English rose, walked the red carpet in a floral and lace peplum dress by Canadian designer Erdem and revealed how freeing of an experience it was to work on the film.

"It felt pretty exotic to me. It really did. It was a very voyeuristic experience," the former "Harry Potter" actress said in an interview Sunday at the Toronto International Film Festival, "Getting to go to Friday night football and Olive Garden, school dances and all of that stuff. That was really another world to me."

While Watson has lived a privilege life which would force anyone to mature very quickly, she admits parts of her are still trying reach adulthood.

"There are some parts of me that feel very old, and then there are other parts of me that are, like, I have a sense of my own arrested development," she said. "There are some parts of me right now that are probably going through adolescence."

With her role as the studious Hermione Granger over, Watson is hoping to prove herself to her loyal fans as well as take them on her journey of discovery.

"I hope what they can see is that I am able to transform, that there are other sides of me that perhaps they haven't seen yet, and that they might allow me a little bit of room," Watson said. "I mean, just doing American really is different. People have said to me that they keep forgetting it's me when they see the movie, which for me is more than enough. That's a success in itself for me, really."

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