Charlie Sheen Gives Lindsay Lohan $100,000 In Tax Relief

3:10 PM EST 11/25/2012 by Celebomb Staff, Celebeat Reporter

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Charlie Sheen, one of TV's most successful actors thanks to his long run on "Two and a Half Men," gifted $100,000 to Lindsay Lohan to help her cover an outstanding tax bill owed to the IRS, reports TMZ. The two troubled stars struck up a friendship while filming "Scary Movie 5" in September, when Lohan first mentioned her tax problems to the former CBS star. Sources told TMZ that he offered Lohan a check "then and there" but Lohan refused his generosity.

The refusal melted away as the end of the year approached, and Lohan's business manager told TMZ that Lohan has received the check from Sheen. Lohan allegedly owes more than $230,000 in unpaid taxes for income earned in 2009 and 2010, so Sheen's check undoubtedly helps her get some breathing room from the tax man.

Neither Lohan nor Sheen has commented publicly regarding the tax aid. $100,000 may sound like a lot of cash to the average working stiff, but for a mega star like Sheen it's just a drop in the bucket. He is reportedly worth an estimated $125 million thanks to the lucrative TV contract he had while on "Two and a Half Men" that paid him $1.25 million per episode. FX recently picked up Sheen's newest show, "Anger Management," for 90 more episodes after it became the highest-rated new comedy on cable in 2012.

Conversely, Lindsay Lohan has a current estimated net worth of only $1 millionTMZ reports she is expected to make $2 million this year, thanks in part to her role as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime original film "Liz and Dick." She also received a cool $1 Million paycheck from Playboy for appearing in the December 2011 issue. 

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