Britney Spears Adopts Cute Puppy, Has Awkward Conversation With It On Twitter [PHOTO]

6:07 PM EST 11/26/2012 by Celebomb Staff Reporter, Celebeat Reporter

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Britney Spears is the proud new owner of a little puppy, Hannah Spears, and it's quickly growing fans of its own. Hannah Spears' Twitter account has already racked up 6,000 followers. Woof!

"I want you all to meet my new little baby girl," tweeted the illustrious pop star Ms. Britney Spears this afternoon. "<3 How cute is she?!?!"

The answer, for anyone that has seen the new addition to the family, is obviously super-duper cute. Britney Spears, 30, is already spending much of her time raising sons Sean Preston, 7, and Jayden James, 6, both of whom were fathered by ex-husband Kevin Ferderline. The puppy will be yet another responsibility and addition to the Spears family.

The little puppy has been much more shy than her audacious celebrity owner. Hannah Spears first tweeted "Woof!" and later, the puppy tweeted at her famous master. Hannah Spears tweeted, "Should I wear a bow? Mom says I'm a princess & that I need a bow."

Hannah Spears has apparently been having a Twitter conversation with her celebrity owner, too. After Britney Spears asked to world to assess the cuteness of her new dog, Hannah the dog responded, "awww thanks mommy - I love you!"

Britney Spears tweeted back at her dog saying, "What a sweet little girl - love you too!"

Assuming that the little puppy had some assistance from a human while using Twitter (because tweeting can be nearly impossible without opposable thumbs), it's alarming to see Spears interacting with a computer-illiterate animal. Although the conversation between Britney and Hannah Spears is relatively innocent, it should be of some concern to people if the famous singer is having conversations with herself under an alter ego.

Britney Spears has reportedly made a strong recovery from her mental breakdown several years ago, but it still makes you wonder. Hannah Spears is just the latest animal to jump onto the social media bandwagon. Other puppies such as Boo have been able to rack up more than 5 million fans on social media sites.

Looks like Hannah Spears has her work cut out for her if she wants to become a Twitter force in the same way her famous owner has.

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