The Six Most Egregious 'Golden Globes' Film Snubs

2:05 PM EST 12/13/2012 by Anthony Smith, Celebeat Reporter

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"The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards" are upon us, and if you're like us, you're salivating at this year's first real taste of Oscars Season, even if it means that "Les Miserables" and "Moonrise Kingdom" can't both be winners (what do musicals and comedies have in common anymore, anyway?). But even if Wes Anderson and Tom Hooper can't both emerge with Golden Gloats at the end of the evening, at least their fine pictures both got the nominations they deserve. After a caffeine-fueled morning spent teeming through all the major categories with a fine-tooth comb, it's safe to say that we're seriously wee-wee'd up over some conspicuous absences. Here's Celebomb's list of all the films and people behind them that should have been nominated, and whom we think they should replace.

Best Motion Picture - Drama - The Dark Knight Rises

Maybe you disagree about whether or not a movie with as many flaws as the final film in the Batman trilogy should win an award for Best Picture. Be that as it may, it still deserves the nomination. Just as the comparatively weak Return of the King swept awards season almost a decade ago, so should the Foreign Press acknowledge the fine work that Christopher Nolan has done over the past few years to bring prestige back to the superhero picture.

Also, it's better than Life of Pi. What the heck is Life of Pi even doing here?

Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy - Magic Mike

That a movie about male strippers could be such an unironic joy to watch speaks volumes of the talent of the team behind it. Say what you want about Channing Tatum's bizarre, hail-mary rebranding as a funny guy, he's actually a really funny guy. You root for him, and by extension, for the film he's in, too.

Which is more than I can say for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, a film that, in spite of its featuring a brilliant ensemble of older actors, served only to remind us that even in your winter years, you can still go on vacation. Also, Dev Patel deserves better than to play a role like that.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama - Jamie Foxx

Considering its subject matter, it is a very tricky thing to give Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz nominations for Django Unchained, but ignore Jamie Foxx completely. Even if his role was more straight than, say, the giddy character-actor heights that DiCaprio and Waltz were able to reach, it's still a better performance than Denzel Washington's in Flight.

Why can't Robert Zemeckis retire already? His recent ability to pick only the most cardboard of scripts and add water to them is really starting to bring us down.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama - Emmanuelle Riva

This is an easy one. If Marion Cotillard can be nominated, then outstanding performances by actors in foreign films aren't outside the purview of the press. How, then, could they miss Emmanuelle Riva, when her performance in Amour is all anyone (with taste) can talk about? She's a potential (and very worthy) Oscars spoiler for Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence, but once again, the Golden Globes either know better or nothing.

Shouldn't have been nominated? Everyone on the list who isn't Jessica Chastain, though we suppose Naomi Watts was just fine in The Impossible.

Best Director - Motion Picture - Wes Anderson

I'm tired of Ang Lee, aren't you? Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom marks a career best for the college kid's favorite auteur, combining Anderson's immediately recognizable aesthetic signature with his most pronounced and poignant celebration of the inner lives of his characters. That the calligraphy of his love letter should be ignored for Lee's ripoff of The Fall is the biggest bummer of the season.

Best Screenplay - Moonrise Kingdom

Again, while its third act devolution into masturbatory lows prevents this screenplay from being perfect, Moonrise Kingdom's balancing act between precociousness and earnestness qualifies it for a nomination moreso than, say, Argo's screenplay.

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