'Hunger Games' Alexander Ludwig Strips off for Abercombie & Fitch

8:33 AM EDT 7/29/2013 by Mara Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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Abercombie & Fitch

Hunger Games star Alexander Ludwig is one of the latest Hollywood stars to take off his shirt for the campaign of Ambercombie & Fitch titled Stars on the Rise.

The campaign gets its inspiration from the famous black and white pictures from the early 50s. This is the signature look of Ambercombie & Fitch.

Ludwig shows off A&F's clothes and his toned body in a new series of pictures by photographer Bruce Weber. He pocted the pictures on Facebook July 28.

In the pictures, Ludwig is also seen with "The Artist" pooch Uggie. With these two in the pictures, people's heart will surely melt. Anyone who sees the picture wil go "Awww!" Any man would like to achieve the look so they would probably head to the gym and head to a nearby store of Ambercombie & Fitch.

Glee star Jacob Artist and American Horror Story Lily Rabe are also included in the campaign.

The Canadian actor/model once payed the bloodthirsty, blond Cato in the first movie of Hunger Games in a very tight shirt that a lot of female viewers loved.

Even if the actor will not appear in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, his fans can still watch him on the small screen in 2014 as he joins the second season of Vikings on HISTORY channel. The Vikings series is inspired by the tales of Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, one of the best known Norse heroes and very famous for the scourge of Britain and France.

With these abs, Ludwig might be one of the hottest Vikings that ever existed. If all the Vikings were as good looking as he is, many woman would want to live in the past! How about you? Would you like to live in the period where Vikings existed if Alexander was one of them?


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