“The Canyons” Reviews:' A Waste of Time and Money', Lindsay Lohan is painful to watch

7:05 AM EDT 8/6/2013 by Mara Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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Many movie critics are saying that "The Canyons" is a waste of time and money. One even said that Lindsay Lohan is painful to watch.

Lindsay Lohan has lost her spark in the silver screen. She was once famous for her movies since she was a young child but now she is more famous because of her rehab stints.  James Deen, the lead actor, was known because of his pornography history. It would seem that the movie, The Canyons, was doomed from the start.

But even though many people expected it to be bad, they didn't expect it to be this bad. It is just another soft-core porn thriller that is limp and predictable.

The film is about Christian (Deen), who thinks that calling strangers to his Malibu mansion so that that he can film them making love with his girlfriend, Tara (Lohan). It starts with a dinner with Gina (Amanda Brooks) and her boyfriend Ryan (Nolan Funk).

The whole plot of the story revolves around a character fooling around. Gina is Christian's former assistant. She is filming her first movie with Ryan as the star. Ryan is secretly Tara's ex-boyfriend and current lover without the knowledge of Gina or Christian. The Canyons is all about whether Christian will discover that his bought-and-paid-for live-in love is sneaking around behind his back with his movie's star. 

The Canyons is available on video on demand and in limited New York theaters Friday, with a wider release Aug. 9. 

Watch the video here:

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