Vanessa Hudgens Describes Personal Style as 'Female With Mood Swings'

2:00 PM EDT 8/28/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Vanessa Hudgens has described her personal style as one of many mood swings, PEOPLE reported Wednesday.

Hudgens, who starred as playing Gabriella Montez in the High School Musical series, said that she felt differently each day. Consequently, what she wore reflected her mood. She could not be pinned down to one particular fashion genre.

"I'm a female with mood swings," Hudgens said at a Lucky Brand event Sunday. "That's what I love about fashion. You can be whoever you want to be ... I'm a female, I can't make up my mind!"

However, the 24-year-old actress did allow that she did find herself returning to one trend in particular. She expressed a fondness for the Bohemian fad. Hudgens is quick to take off her shoes on the red carpet if they are causing her pain, preferring comfort which is a trademark of BoHo.

"I'm a barefoot kind of girl ... Actually, I'd prefer it. When it's time [to lose the shoes] I don't mind," she said.

Hudgens also shared another red carpet secret. She has a fondness for showing off her abs. She worked out hard to maintain her physique.

"What do I not do is the question?! No, I do so much, I work out so much. It's my addiction. Serious addiction," she said.

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