Ben Affleck as Batman: Anthony Mackie Defends 'Runner Runner' Co-star

11:09 AM EDT 9/19/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Anthony Mackie has defended the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman, E News! reported Thursday.

Mackie is Affleck's co-star in Runner and Runner. The 34-year-old commented on the backlash that Affleck has received since the announcement was made in August at the Runner Runner premiere Wednesday evening in Las Vegas. He thought Affleck becoming the new Batman was great.

"My favorite Batman was Michael Keaton because he made Batman like an everyday guy we can relate to. I feel like the last few [actors playing] Batman have been lost in trepidation that you really can't relate to. So I feel like Ben Affleck-what makes him a star is he has that everyman quality. I feel like he is going to bring that back to Batman and make him cool again," Mackie said.

Mackie just filmed his role as the first African-American superhero, Falcon, in the upcoming sequel Captain America: Winter Soldier. He offered Affleck advice on how to prepare for his new role.

"I said punch harder and he will win every fight," Mackie said.

Earlier this week, Affleck discussed the subject of the backlash that greeted his casting.

"I'm a big boy. If I can handle an Oscar snub, I can handle anything," he joked to Jimmy Fallon.


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