Lamar and Joe Odom Reconcile [PHOTO]

11:33 AM EDT 10/14/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Lamar Odom and his father Joe Odom are repairing their relationship, TMZ reported Monday.

Lamar and Joe were photographed walking around in Venice last weekend. View the picture here.

Joe told the site that he and his son have begun to repair their strained relationship. The two men have been talking and spending time with each other. The two have been bonding after a difficult few weeks.

In September, Lamar financially cut his father off.  Lamar retaliated against his father for his recent interviews that blasted the Kardashians. Joe said that his son called him and was upset that he had been so vocal in his displeasure with the reality TV family. Joe has referred to them in less than flattering terms. Last week, he told Hollywood Life that the Kardashians were to blame for his son's misfortunes.

"He'd be better off without all those monsters man," Joe said. "Come on now. Before he was with her, he didn't get into any trouble. He wasn't in no news. No pictures were being taken of him. Now that he's with her, aww sh*t, look at him. He don't want to be around all that fake a**, b***h a** sh*t."

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