'Scandal': Scott Foley Previews Jake and Huck's 'Odd' Partnership, 'Mindblowing' Remington Reveal

2:01 PM EDT 10/24/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Scott Foley has given a preview as to what fans can expect on the hit ABC drama Scandal, E! News reported Thursday.

Foley is now a regular cast member on Scandal which is now in its third season. He started as recurring last season as Jake Ballard. Ballard has proven to be a potential rival for Olivia Pope's affections.  He said that his character would continue to pursue President Grant's mistress and get retribution against B613.

"Both are very important to him, but I think he knows that the sooner he gets revenge on B613, the sooner he takes out Command, which unfortunately is Olivia's father, the sooner he's going to be able to sit down and have that glass of wine with Olivia and not have to look over his shoulder," he said.

Foley teased that the Operation Remington storyline would continue to come into play. Many characters will be impacted by the revelations to come.

"We're going to learn a lot more about Operation Remington and not just Jake's involvement in it, but how it relates to Rowan and to Fitz, and ultimately to Olivia," he said. "It's a big mess of this tangled web that they have woven over there. It's so good. It's going to blow your mind."

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