Sinead O'Connor Explains Why She Wrote Miley Cyrus All Those Letters

12:13 PM EST 11/15/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Sinead O'Connor has explained why she heavily criticized Miley Cyrus in a series of open letter, Celebuzz reported Friday.

O'Connor gave an interview to TIME. She told the publication why she challenged the direction Cryus has taken in her career. She has become more sexualized in her image and more provocative. O'Connor wrote Cyrus at least four open letters that delved into mental health and rampant abuse in the music industry. Cyrus responded to Cyrus with ridicule and sarcasm. O'Connor took offense to Cyrus mocking mental illness.

"I think what was more important really that came out of the Miley thing was this issue of being able to conversate about how mental health and human rights is now," she explained. "I think she was actually very helpful. I think the two of us, without meaning to, did quite a good job in terms of creating conversation about something really, really important."

O' Connor did not have any regrets about speaking out. She once again spoke out against the nature of the business.

"The music business is corrupt, a spiritually corrupt arena," she said. "It's full of nothing but vampires and pimps, honestly. You couldn't understand it unless you were in it. The only way to survive it is to love music."

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