'General Hospital' Scoop From Head Writer Ron Carlivati

1:16 PM EST 11/15/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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General Hospital head writer Ron Carliavti has spoken about the state of the ABC soap opera, TV Guide reported Tuesday.

Carlivati accepted praise for helming the 50 year-old sudser. He also addressed criticisms that fans have levied against him. Many are frustrated that certain actors are not featured more prominently.

"It's really a constraint when you have a big contract cast and they all have their guarantees that need to be met. You end up putting people on screen just because they're getting paid, not because they have something important to do," he said.

Carlivati was asked specifically about the lack of screen time for Rebecca Herbst. Her character, Liz, has not had significant story in months.

"There are people who are watching just for Liz. Sadly, you're putting yourself in a difficult situation if you're watching GH that way because you'll end up disappointed," he said.

The head writer has been a frequent Twitter. He was asked if some of his tweets implied he was too sensitive over his work being criticized and whether he had qualms about being so open with fans.

"There are some very angry, very hateful people out there and who needs that in your life? I would never talk about people the way some of them talk about me. But the fun part of Twitter is really fun. It's a great way to interact with the fans, promote what we're doing, and really show my excitement about this show," he said.

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