Brooke Mueller Accuses Denise Richards of Abusing Charlie Sheen Kids

9:20 PM EST 11/29/2013 by Stephanie Guerilus, Celebeat Reporter

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Brooke Mueller accused Denise Richards of abusing her twin boys and the two children Richards has with their mutual ex, Charlie Sheen, TMZ reported Wednesday.

Sources told the site that Mueller told police in Los Angeles that Richards abused her twin sons, Bob and Max  Sheen, while they were in the care of Richards this past summer. Mueller also declared that Richards abused her own daughters, Lola and Sam Sheen.  Law enforcement went to Richards' residence earlier in the week and she denied the allegations and claimed they were only being made by a "vindictive" Mueller.

An insider told the site on Friday that Mueller only made the allegations as a form of retaliation against Charlie. Charlie has order Mueller to vacate the $4.8 million dollar home she and their children live in. Her brother Scott, who was awarded temporary custody of the children, also live in the home, but Charlie is allegedly ready to sell the home for $1 to be rid of his ex.

This is the latest turn of events for the trio since Mueller was awarded more visitation with her children with Sheen. In August, she was awarded two visits per week after successfully completing rehab. An angry Charlie took to social media and blasted the courts for allowing Mueller more rights to their children.

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