Kelly Clarkson on Morning Sickness: 'I Vomit a Good Dozen Times a Day!'

7:50 PM EST 12/6/2013 by Virginia Favis, Celebeat Reporter

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Kelly Clarkson is happily married and pregnant. However, the singer revealed on The Ellen Degeneres Show that she has been suffering from major morning sickness.

She appeared on the show on Friday, Dec. 6 and told host Ellen DeGeneres, "I vomit a good dozen times a day. It's, like, bad. I vomited before coming out here and I had a peppermint so you didn't [know]."

"I'm not even kidding, it's so bad. It's so bad. I know it's like so gross. And that's the thing, too-you're not attractive when you're pregnant. Everybody tells you [that] you glow and you're hair is pretty and you're nails are pretty. That's total crap. My nails are short, my hair still falls out like it's not all lush and beautiful and I have no glow. Unless it's, like, something left over from a bad throw up. It's horrible," she added.

"I'm done talking," said the American Idol alum. "I'm sorry!"

The star, who says she is 11 weeks pregnant, confessed that she has thrown up every day except for one day. "I had one day -- it was either before Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving, I can't remember -- I didn't throw up one time that day. I literally cried to my sister and mom I was like, 'It's over.' They said it would be abrupt and it would just end. Then the next day, nope, it just picked on right back up," Mrs. Blackstock said.

The singer also revealed that she still does not know the gender of the baby but has picked a unisex name for her first child, adding, "I just want to know (the baby's gender). And it doesn't even matter because, honestly, the name we've picked, if it's a boy or a girl, it's the same name... You won't guess it. It's a random name. But it's not like... Blue Jazz. It's not going to be a weird name."

Watch the video of the interview here.

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